Q: Can anyone participate the Minutemen Mile and 5K?
A: YES, everyone is welcome. Community members, family members, grandparents, siblings of Richfield students, teachers, neighbors, school administrators, avid runners and walkers.

Q: Who needs to register for the one mile run/walk or 5K?
A: Because it’s virtual, we really want to come together as a community. The best way to do that is to register so we can connect with you during the race period. Also, if you register, you get a t-shirt and you know you are helping the schools and Revere families!

Q: What does the registration fee pay for? Does that money go directly to Richfield Elementary?
A: Registration fees cover race day T-shirts, fees to execute a virtual run.

Q: What is the money being raised for?
A: All proceeds go toward providing innovative instructional strategies and tools for the students at Richfield Elementary and to Revere Families In Need during this unprecedented time that has affected so many of our Revere families.

Q: If I don’t want to participate in the Minutemen Mile and 5K virtual race, should I still turn in my student’s donation form?
A: Yes. 100% of the money raised from the student’s donation raising efforts goes to Richfield Elementary PTA and to the Revere Families In Need.

Q: Should I turn in the donation forms and money at the same time?
A: Yes.

Q: When are donation forms and money due? Who should the check be made out to?
A: November 6, 2020. Put your child’s donation form and money into an envelope and mark it “MM5K donations” and give to your teacher. Checks should be written to Richfield PTA, and we will then donate a portion to the Revere Families In Need.

Q: Are you collecting donations based on how many miles my child will run?
A: No. Money collected from the student’s donation forms is not contingent upon them participating on race day.